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Breaking The Silence (All)
Breaking The Silence (All)
Category : DVD ZONE 3

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Release Date : 30/05/2001

ประเภท/Type :

สร้างโดย/Studio : [NONE]

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Internationally-renowned actress Gong Li gives a wondrous performance in Breaking the Silence, an emotional drama from director Sun Zhou (Zhou Yu's Train). Gong Li plays Sun Liying, a stubborn, independent woman struggling with her assigned lot in life. A single mother, she works to raise and educate her deaf son Zheng Da (Gao Xin) without support from her uncaring ex-husband (Guan Yue). Despite living beneath the indifferent shadow of modern Chinese society, Sun Liying gives her all to provide for her child, and her effort proves stirring and dramatic. Sun Zhou gives Breaking the Silence a semi-documentary feel, and humanizes his Chinese lower class subjects without canonizing them. Sun Liying is portrayed as simply a caring, loving mother who wishes the best for her child, and cares little for the politics or social issues of larger China. A refreshingly human film, Breaking the Silence is another milestone performance from Gong Li, whose powerful work earned accolades at film festivals worldwide.
รายละเอียดสินค้า/Product Details
นักแสดง/Actors :
- Gong Li (กง ลี่)
ผู้กำกับ/Directors :
Video Format :
- Full Screen / Pan & Scan / 1.33 : 1
Audio Format :
- Mandarin
Rating : -> Rating details
Production Year : 1999
Disc Total : 1 แผ่น
Length : 0 นาที/minutes
Subtitles :
- Chinese
- English
Evo Feb 10 2014
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