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Iron Maiden: Live After Death-Concert (1)
Iron Maiden: Live After Death-Concert (1)
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Release Date : 05/02/2008

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In August 1984 Iron Maiden embarked o their longest tour ever, 193 concerts around the planet, playing in over a hundred cities and to over a million fans in North America alone. For this the band had created their most theatrical show to date with a spectacular Egyptian theed stage set based on the band's critically acclaimed "Powerslave" album which had been released earlier that year. After four previous studio albums and extensive touring for the preceding five years the band decided it was time to record a live show, and this, in 1985, became the legendary LIVE AFTER DEATH full concert video and vinyl live album.

The stunning live performance was recorded on 35 mm film over a four night run at Long Beach Arena, Los Angeles, and captures all the passion, energy and spectacle of an Iron Maiden show. With new technology greatly enhancing both sound and vision, this is now availale here for the first time ever on DVD and with 5.1 surround soundtrack, providing a fitting testimony to the band's long held status as one of the worlds most exciting live bands.

The Second Disc runs for well over three hours and opens with the Part 2 of the 'History of Iron Maiden' series. This entertaining hour long feature is a revealing and intimate account from the band, producer, crew and management of the creative processes involved in the writing and recording of "powerslave" along with the planning, set building and execution of this phenomenal tour, aptly entitled the "World Slavery Tour".

Special extras include Behind the Iron Curtain, a full length documentay of the remarkable story of Iron Maiden becoming the first major band from the West to play large arenas in the then Communist Eastern Bloc at the inaugural Rock in Rio in 1985 in front of an estimated 350,000 audience from all over Brazil and South America, their largest ever attendance at a single show. 'Ello Texas gives further insight into touring in the USA with live footage of the band's concert in San Antonio and further interview footage at the Alamo.

With an additional comprehensive collection of photo and artwork galleries, promo videos and tour programme from this period, the LIVE AFTER DEATH Double DVD package, with almost five hours of footage, is the definitive account of a pivotal time in the band's career and a 'must' for any fan of Iron Maiden or Metal. "Scream for me Long Beach!".

Disc One
Live After Death
Live After Death concert with Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio (90 mins) Set List-
- Churchill Speech / Aces High
- 2 Minutes To Midnight
- The Trooper
- Revelations
- Flight Of Icarus
- Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
- Powerslave
- Number Of The Beast
- Hallowed Be Thy Name
- Iron Maiden
- Run To The Hills
- Running Free
- Sanctuary

Disc Two
Documentary / Bonus Concert Footage

History Of Iron Maiden
Part 2 - Live After Death (60 mins)

Behind The Iron Curtain
Documentary (57 mins approx)
Songs performed include-
- Aces High, The Trooper
- 22 Accia Avenue
- The Number Of The Beast
- Hallowed Be Thy Name
- 2 Minutes To Midnight
- Run To The Hills

Rock In Rio '85
Live Footage (50 mins approx)
Songs performed include-
- Aces High
- 2 Minutes To Midnight
- The Trooper
- Revelations
- Powerslave
- Iron Maiden
- Run To The Hills
- Running Free

'Ello Texas
(15 mins)

Artwork Gallery, Tour Programme, Tour Dates And Photo Gallery

Promotional Clips
Aces High and 2 Minutes To Midnight

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รายละเอียดสินค้า/Product Details
นักแสดง/Actors :
- Iron Maiden
ผู้กำกับ/Directors :
Video Format :
- Anamorphic Widescreen 16 : 9
- Full Screen / Pan & Scan / 1.33 : 1
Audio Format :
- English
Rating : -> Rating details
Production Year : -
Disc Total : 2 แผ่น
Length : 240 นาที/minutes
Subtitles :
รายละเอียดอื่นๆ /Special Features
Disc 1:
Video Format : Full Screen / Pan & Scan / 1.33 : 1

Disc 2:
Video Format : Anamorphic Widescreen 16 : 9

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