Signal, The (1) (DTS HD) (Blu-ray) (U.S.A.) (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)


แผนกสินค้า: Blu-ray

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UPC Code: 025192244094

Street Date: 27 กันยายน 2014
วันที่จำหน่าย: 27 กันยายน 2014

ประเภท: Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller

คลังสินค้า: สินค้าหมด

ผู้ผลิต: MCA / Universal
ผู้จัดจำหน่าย: -

ราคาปก: ฿1,829.00

ราคาของคุณ: ฿1,279.00

ราคาน้ำหนักพิเศษ: 0.00 (?)



Academy Award nominee Laurence Fishburne, Brenton Thwaites, Olivia Cooke and Beau Knapp star in this mind-bending and suspenseful sci-fi thriller. Nic (Thwaites), his girlfriend, Haley (Cooke), and his buddy, Jonah (Knapp), take an unexpected detour from an idyllic cross-country road trip when they are contacted by a mysterious hacker who has gained entry into MIT's secured network. But after a rendezvous in an eerily remote area goes awry, Nic wakes to a living nightmare in an isolation unit. Interrogated by Dr. Wallace Damon (Fishburne), Nic soon realizes that the only way to decipher the past... is to escape the present. Critics rave "had Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch made a movie together, it might have looked something like The Signal." - Scott Bowles, USA Today

ปีที่ผลิต: 2014

ระยะเวลา: 98 นาที

จำนวนแผ่น: 2

Rated: PG-13






Anamorphic Widescreen 16 : 9

Widescreen 2.40 : 1


English 5.1 DTS


Laurence Fishburne

Brenton Thwaites

Beau Knapp

Olivia Cooke


William Eubank

Languages: DTS HD-MA 5.1 English, Dolbly Digital Stereo English

- Deleted, Extended, Alternate Scenes
- Behind The Signal
- Brilliant!
- Feature Commentary with Co-Writer, Director William Eubank and Co-Writers, Consulting Producers Carlyle Eubank and David Frigerio